The New England Masters Games Archive Project
Sponsored by
The New England Chess Association

The primary purpose of the New England Masters Games Archive is to create and preserve a permanent record of the careers of our New England Masters. This does not mean just the GM's and IM's; their games are always published and preserved, but also the games of the players rated 2200-2450, who are seen time and time again at local clubs and tournaments. Consider; what will happen to all the games played week after week by Masters all over New England? While undoubtedly the games are recorded in the Masters own score book, what eventually happens to that record of their play as the years pass? Many if not most of these games will simply pass into oblivion.

The archive is to be made freely available to anyone who wants a copy, by e-mail, on web sites or on disk. This project is not intended to be a "book up for your next opponent" resource, though some players may use it that way. This is an archive project documenting New England chess.


Three components comprise the foundation of the program.

Component 1 - Capturing the Present

To capture and preserve from this time forward all games played by New England Masters, it is requested that henceforth, all tournament organizers REQUIRE that players in sections where Masters are competing must turn in a copy of their score sheets. The scores sheets, would then be sent, in either in electronic or physical form to a member of the Masters Games committee.

NECA has budgeted a modest amount of money for the purchase of carbon score sheets for any organizers unable to bear the cost.

Volunteers are needed to help collect, mail or transcribe games into electronic form.

Component 2 - Capturing the Past

The effort for component two is directed at transcribing Master games from the past into electronic form. Currently underway is the transcription of all Master's games published in Chess Horizons going back through 1975. Games are being transcribed in reverse chronological order to create a continuous history bridging the past through today. Volunteers are needed to help in this effort. Software is now available for free that will allow you to help in this effort.

Component 3 - Filling in the details

The effort for this component is to create for the archive player biographies and photos to accompany them. To this end, it is anticipated that a letter will be sent to all present and former New England Masters, requesting information for the biographies. If you are a New England Master, your unsolicited contribution to this effort would be greatly appreciated.

Criteria for inclusion

The criteria for games to be eligible for inclusion to the archive are:

bulletThe games must be played in a New England tournament; exceptions will be made only if there are no other samples of a New England Master's play.
bulletAt least one player in the game must be a Master. The opponent should generally be no less than class A, though some exceptions to that rule will be made if there are no other games available from a given event. In the case of a well-known New England Master, some games will be included from the time before the player was officially a Master.
bulletGames scores should include the last and first names of both players, ratings at the time that the game was played, full title and year of the event (i.e. "56th New England Open" not just "New England Open") as well as the city it was played in.

For information about this project or to volunteer your services, contact Hal Terrie, Chairman, at 603-668-8368 or