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MACA 2004 News Archive
December 15, 2004 - BCC Member Andrew Wang placed 1st at the 2004 National:
Sage School student and BCC member Andrew Wang went 7-0 in a field of 223, beating expert Ray Robson in the last round to win the 4th Grade National Champion title in the 2004 National K-12/Collegiate Chess Championship. Andrew and his teammates Chris Poggi, Aaron Klein and Ryan Meuth also placed 1st as the 4th Grade Team Champion.

More Results at USCF Site

November 15, 2004 - Lost and Found at MACA Tournaments:
Steve Frymer has two articles of clothing, a sweater and a light jacket from the 2nd Qualifier at UMass and a thermos container from the Pillsbury Memorial. Please contact him directly if you think any of the above items belong to you.
November 06, 2004 - Gus Gosselin To Receive Governor's Award:
Our own Gus Gosselin will be honored by Governor Mitt Romney in a ceremony at the State House on Monday, December 20th, at 4:30 PM in Governor's office. Gus will receive a Governor's Point of Light Award, given to outstanding citizens who exemplify the power and service of vounteerism. Congratulations, Gus, from all of us at MACA! We know the countless hours you spend promoting chess in Massachusetts, especially among children. This is a richly deserved acknowledgment of your heart and dedication.
October 14, 2004 - Faulty Chess Horizons:
It has come to our attention that some of the copies of the latest Chess Horizons, Oct-Dec 2004, were miscollated by the printer, and may have missing and extra pages. This is the special 50th Anniversary 64-page issue, featuring an interview with Harold Dondis for his testimonial dinner on November 12. If you receive one of the faulty copies, please notify us at once, and we will make every effort to get you a replacement.

We regret the inconvenience.

Ken Belt
President, MACA

October 7, 2004 - Testimonial Dinner for Harold B. Dondis to be held on November 12, 2004:

Details and advance ticket purchase available online.

May 19, 2004 - Chess and Cognitive Development available for download
Chess and Cognitive Development, a 2 year study (1975-76) by Johan Christiaen, faculty of Psychology and Pedagogic of Gent National University of Belgium is available for download (zipped). The English Edition was prepared by H. Lyman for MACA in 1981 and transfered into PDF format by Keith Halonen of Middetown, California in April, 2004.

    Note: correction by Keith Halonen

    On page 9 in the pamphlet (page 19 in the PDF document) the authors state that:

    "The Cleveland Public Library contains more than 100,000 books on chess..."

    This must be a simple typographical error, since at the original time of the experiment (1975-76) the famous Cleveland collection consisted of 10,000 volumes, NOT 100,000. As a chess historian, I am well aware of this collection, the chess legacy of J.G. White. By 1983 his collection had expanded to 12,000 books. It is doubtless larger today, but it probably does not exceed 15,000 volumes. The private chess library of Grandmaster Lothar Schmid contained some 15,000 volumes even back in 1983. At the bottom of page 9 in the pamphlet (page 19 in the PDF document), I have appended a succinct personal footnote correcting the typographic error.

    An accurate estimate is unobtainable, but it is reasonable to presume that since publication of the first-ever chess book, there may now be about 45,000 distinct chess titles in existence, though there are only about 2,500 of the most popular or most recent books in print at any given moment.

March 17, 2004 - Attention Prospective officers and MACA Board Member Candidates for the upcoming elections:

Please submit your name, contact information and up to a 100 word bio-election statement on or before March 31, 2004, to:

    Paul Randazzo
    12 Turnbuckle Ln.
    Tyngsboro, MA 01879

    Note: Per MACA by-laws, you must have current MACA membership through June 2005.

February 12, 2004 - Kasparov Chess Foundation Presents First Annual All-Girls National Chess Championships
In Association with Chess Wizards, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium and USCF, Chess Championships to Take Place May 14 – 16, 2004.


January 14, 2004 - Former MACA board member Harvey Burger in nursing home
Former MACA board member Harvey Burger is now living in a nursing home. Harvey was active in chess organizing in Western Mass. for about 40 years. His new address is Chestnut Hill Nursing Center, Room 31C, 32 Chestnut Street, East Longmeadow. Phone# 413-525-1893 or call him at his room at # 413-526-9947. (WMCA)
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