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The Post Ratings shown in the TD version of the cross tables are approximations of what the USCF may calculate. They are approximate primarily because the software is only calculating the results of the games from that event and does not know about any other events players may have played in.

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MACA Cross Tables: 2008 - 2012 ADULT Events  
  Below are the cross tables from year 2008 - 2012. Use "Cross Tables Archives" link above to view other cross tables.
  Cross Tables updated within the past 7 days in  GOLD . Scholastic events in  YELLOW GREEN .
Start Date Cross Tables Event Name
12/2/2012 TD     Maca: Harry Nelson Pillsbury Memorial
10/21/2012   USCF   Maca: 79th Greater Boston Open
9/2/2012 TD USCF   Maca: New England Blitz Championship
9/1/2012 TD USCF   Maca: 72nd New England Open
5/27/2012 TD USCF   Maca: Mass. Blitz Championship
5/26/2012 TD USCF   Maca: 81st Massachusetts Open (State Chess Championship)
4/15/2012   USCF   Maca: 22nd Massachusetts G/60 Championship
12/3/2011   USCF   Maca: Harry Nelson Pillsbury Memorial
10/23/2011   USCF   Maca: 78th Greater Boston Open
9/4/2011 TD     Maca: New England Blitz Championship
9/3/2011 TD USCF   Maca: 71st New England Open
5/28/2011 TD USCF   Maca: 80th Massachusetts Open (State Chess Championship)
4/17/2011   USCF   Maca: 21th Massachusetts Game/60 Championship
5/31/2010 TD     Maca: Mass Open One Day - Hexads/Octos
5/30/2010 TD     Maca: Mass Open One Day Swiss
5/29/2010 TD     Maca: 79th Massachusetts Open (State Chess Championship)
5/29/2010 TD     Maca: Mass Open One Day - Hexads/Octos
11/29/2009 TD USCF   Maca: Harry Nelson Pillsbury Memorial
5/24/2009 TD USCF   Maca: Mass Open One Day
5/23/2009 TD USCF   Maca: 78th Massachusetts Open (State Chess Championship)
4/26/2009 TD USCF   Maca: 19th Massachusetts Game/60 Championship
3/1/2009 TD USCF   MacaScholastics: Not Yet Spring High School Team Tournament
11/30/2008 TD USCF   Maca: Harry Nelson Pillsbury Memorial
10/26/2008 TD USCF   Maca: 75th Greater Boston Open
9/1/2008 TD USCF   Maca: New England Open One Day
8/30/2008 TD USCF   Maca: 68th New England Open
5/25/2008 TD     Maca: Mass Open One Day
5/24/2008 TD USCF   Maca: 77th Massachusetts Open (State Chess Championship)
4/27/2008 TD USCF   Maca: 18th Massachusetts Game/60 Championship
2/29/2008   USCF   CCA: 17th Annual Eastern Class Championships
2/23/2008 TD USCF   RI_Chess: 95th Rhode Island Pawn Eater
2/16/2008   USCF   WMCA: 83rd Western Mass/Connecticut Valley Chess Championship
2/9/2008   USCF   NHCA: 32nd Queen City Open
1/20/2008   USCF   WMCA: 17th Mid-Winter Classic
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