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1st Penguin Festival
Online Registration: https://onlineregistration.cc/tournaments/index.php?view=zNTizdLa&tid=m6Gfow==

Tournament Details Revised: 1/27/2024 9:00:43 AM
General Information
Event Organizer: Joseph Truelson  
Event Location: Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center, 219 Littleton Road, Westford, MA 01886   [ Directions ]
Hotel Info: $139 Single/Double, book hotel here: https://us01.iqwebbook.com/WRICCMA543/~/?coupon=NNEC
Event Date: Saturday, April 06, 2024
Sunday, April 07, 2024
Time Control: 5SS, G/60+30 Saturday, G/90+30 Sunday
Rounds Time: Saturday 10am-2pm-6pm Sunday: 10am-3pm
Byes: 2 allowed, must commit before Round 2
Prize Info: $4100+ projected prizes! $2800+ (Top 2 in Premier and 50% of other prizes) Guaranteed! 
Inquiry: josephtruelson@gmail.com    651-443-6341
Event Webpage: newenglandchess.org/
Registration Information
Entry Fee: Entry Fee: $120 for Emperor, $80 for Megallanic, $60 for Little Blue. EF $10 more after March 15th and $20 more after April 4th and onsite. $20 more for players Under 1900 to play up to the Emperor Section. Free entry to GMs, no entry fee deducted from prize. Free entry to non-GMs rated 2400+ USCF, EF deducted from prize. Free entries count as full entries for prize purposes.
Registration - Onsite: Saturday: 9-9:45 am
Membership Requirement: USCF Membership required
Sections Information
Tournament Sections: Emperor $2100 based on 20 entries, Top 2 prizes Guaranteed!: $1000-500, U2325 $325, U2125 $275
Magellanic (Under 1925) $1210 based on 20 entries: $500-250, U1725 $240, U1525 $220
Little Blue (Under 1325) $800 based on 20 entries: $350-175, U1125 $150, U925/Unrated $125
Tournament Rules and Other Information
  • Grandmasters Jianchao Zhou and Alexander Ivanov are playing!
  • Bring sets and clocks, limited amount provided
  • Online registration: https://onlineregistration.cc/tournaments/index.php?view=zNTizdLa&tid=m6Gfow==
  • More details also available here: https://onlineregistration.cc/tournaments/index.php?view=zNTizdLa&tid=m6Gfow==
  • Book hotel here: https://us01.iqwebbook.com/WRICCMA543/~/?coupon=NNEC
  • This event is a 4x multiplier for the New England Grand Prix! Learn more about that here: https://newenglandchess.org/grandprix
  • Unrateds may only win the unrated prize in the Little Blue section and up to $200 in Magellanic.
  • Prizes will be raised/decreased in proportion to the amount of entries, except 50% of each prize guaranteed.

  • MACA provides tournament listing for all as a service to the chess community. For question, comments, or dispute regarding events that are not organized by MACA, please contact the tournament organizer directly.
  • Remember that each player is responsible for bringing and setting up their clock. Please refer to the Metrowest Chess Club Digital Clock Guide for instructions on how to set digital clocks.
  • MACA does not recommend but allows US Chess approved electronic scorekeeping devices. Please note that some national tournaments held by US Chess ban electronic scorekeeping, so be sure to know how to keep score without aid of electronics.
  • If online registration is enabled on this event, you can Join/Renew your USCF and MACA membership at the online registration page. If online registration is not available, you can join MACA (The Massachusetts Chess Association) at our Online Membership Form and USCF (United States Chess Federation) at USCF Membership Page.