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Updated Friday, June 20, 2003




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About MACA
Board Activities
Chess Horizons
Coaches & Lessons
How to Join
How to Navigate
How to Volunteer
Listing your Event
MACA Grand Prix
Searching & TOC
Where to Find Links
Where to Play
Web Assistance offered by Maca to clubs and area organizers
How to have your Event Listed on the Maca Site
   To get a club listed on the site use our On-line Form to submit your club information
Requesting a USCF Cross Table by Email
  The form has Maca as the recipient but you can of course change this should you desire.  The form is available as:
    a viewable HTML file that you can print out from the web
    a Word file for you to download and customize.
    NOTE:  We request that organizers also obtain the USCF cross tables for their results via email and then submit them as well for posting.
How to Clean up USCF cross tables that you've received by email.  
  Note:  We do this for you if you send it to us to post on the Maca site.
Sending Cross Tables or Results for posting to the Maca web site
  How to submit results
  Cross Table Information Template .  This is an MS Word document to be sent with the cross tables.
About the Maca Membership
  MACA membership status and ratings of players
  Maca and USCF Demographics
 Flyers for Posting
  We don't really post flyers anymore.  It is our hope that you will submit your events for posting and take advantage of the automatic flyer generation.  So, if you still want to make your own flyer first and then send it to us or to other web sites for posting, the links below should help guide you on how to do create your flyer so that your efforts will not be wasted.
  How to submit and Helpful hints on creating the flyer.
How to Run a FIDE Rated Event   
  The USCF probably has an updated version of this by now. It was originally written by us and then handed over the the USCF for their use.