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Organizational E-mail Address

In order for us to better serve you, please look through the description of the available mailboxes and select ONE most appropriate address to send your inquiry.

General Tournament Information
  • General Infomation related to events organized by MACA.
  • If your question is strictly for scholastic chess events, please use the Scholastic mailbox.
  • MACA Tournament Committee Chair will review your e-mail.

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Scholastic/Youth Tournament Information
MACA Education Committee
Membership Information
The Living Memorial Chess Fund (LMCF)
Chess Horizons Subscription
Chess Horizons Editor
MACA Webmaster
MACA Web Coordinator
MACA Volunteer Coordinator
MACA Board of Directors

Other Related E-mail Address

Henry L. Terrie - Chairman of the NECA Masters Game Archival Committee.

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Clearinghouse schedule - an overview for the New England region, maintained by Ken Ballou.

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The 87th
MASS State Co-Champions

Mika Brattain
Mika Brattain

Nathan Solon
Nathan Solon

Michael Isakov
Michael Isakov

Photo courtesy of
Tony Cortizas Jr.