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About The Massachusetts Chess Association
Who We Are

The Massachusetts Chess Association (MACA) is an educational non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote chess in Massachusetts and represent the interest of chess players within the state to the governing body of chess in the United States, The United States Chess Federation (USCF).

What We Do

As part of its role as a state organization, MACA has programs in place to support the existing chess community as well as promote chess among schools and the general public. Highlights of these programs are:

  • Providing at least four major tournaments each year:
    • Massachusetts Open (State Championship):
      • The Mass State Champiionship takes place annually during the Memorial Weekend.
      • 87th (2018) Mass Open Result
      • Complete list of Mass State Champions from 1932 to now
    • Massachusetts Game/60 Championship
      • 27th (2017) MA G/60 Championship Result
    • Greater Boston Open
    • Harry Nelson Pillsbury Memorial
      • 2016 Pillsbury Memorial Result
  • Running a scholastic program, which consists of a series of tournaments to determine the state's scholastic champions as well as "warm up" tournaments throughout the year.
    • Spiegel Cup/Massachusetts State Championship and the 4 Qualifiers
    • Hurvitz Cup/Massachusetts State Team Championship
  • Living Memorial Chess Foundation (LMCF)
    • The "Living Memorial Chess Foundation", a tax deductible 501 (c) 3 fund, has provided hundreds of chess sets and boards to schools, libraries, junior chess clubs, human service organizations and community groups.
    • For details please click this link.

  • Chess Horizons
    • MACA's award winning quarterly publication of regional, national and international chess news and features.
    • For details please click this link.

  • Promotion and development of chess programs in correctional institutions through our Prison Chess program.
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The 87th
MASS State Co-Champions

Mika Brattain
Mika Brattain

Nathan Solon
Nathan Solon

Michael Isakov
Michael Isakov

Photo courtesy of
Tony Cortizas Jr.