MACA Chess Horizons Awards

Through the years, Chess Horizons has won many awards from the Chess Journalists of America. The following list outlines the magazines achievements.

Note: HM - Honorable Mention. LOC indicates award for Local Interest.


  • Best Analysis: "Opposites Attract" by IM David Vigorito
  • Best State Chapter Website: HM


  • Best State Magazine: Chess Horizons, Editor Bob Messenger
  • Best Layout: Chess Horizons (Oct-Dec 2010)
  • Best Analysis: HM "Most Interesting Games of the 79th Mass Open


  • Best Chess Photojournalism: George Mirijanian Analyzing With Mateos Sahakian


  • Best Chess Column: LOC Vigorito on Chess (Chess Horizons) by David Vigorito
  • Best State Magazine: HM Chess Horizons, Editor Mark Donlan
  • Best Interview: LOC The Man Behind Forcing Chess Moves, Chess Horizons Oct-Dec 2008 by Edwin Lam
  • Best Editorial: 1-2 (tie) In Partial Defense of Chess Book Publishers, Chess Horizons July-Sept 2008 by Howard Goldowsky
  • Best Review: HM Positional Self-Training by Dennis Monokroussos, Chess Horizons Oct-Dec 2008
  • Best Analysis: 2nd Kosteniuk Annotates by Alexandra Kosteniuk, Chess Horizons Jan-March 2009
  • Best Analysis: 3-4 (tie) Ivanov Annotates by Alexander Ivanov, Chess Horizons Oct-Dec 2008


  • Best State Magazine: HM Chess Horizons by Mark Donlan
  • Best State Website: 1st Massachusetts: by Tiffany Wang
  • Best Human Interest (3-way tie): 1st "In Memoriam: Gilbert F. Gosselin" by George Mirijanian Chess Horizons


  • Best State Magazine/Editor: Open Division: HM Chess Horizons, Ed. Mark Donlan
  • Best Review: HM Howard Goldowsky "Chess and the Art of Negotiation" - January - March 2007
  • Best Humorous Contribution: HM Harold Dondis, "The Lost Mule Flat Chess Club", April-June, 2007


  • Best State Magazine/Editor, Open Division: 1st Chess Horizons, Ed. Mark Donlan
  • Best Human Interest Story: John Donaldson, Grandmaster Igor Ivanov, January - March 2006
  • Best Analysis: HM Alexandra Kosteniuk, Kosteniuk in Samara, January - March 2006
  • Best Chess Photograph: HM Tony Cortizas, Jr.: Patrick Sciacca Cover Photo, January - March 2006


  • Best Layout: 1st Chess Horizons, Mark Donlan
  • Best Magazine Tournament Report: (tie) 1st Mig Greengard: 2005 U.S. Championship, April-June 2005. HM David Glickman: 2004 Boylston Chess Club Championship, January-March 2005.
  • Best Human Interest Story: HM Stephen Dann and George Mirijanian: Harold Dondis Testimonial Dinner, January-March 2005
  • Best Interview: 1st George Mirijanian: A True Lover of Chess, October-December 2004
  • Best Editorial: 1st Howard Goldowsky: Tournament Entry Fees, January-March 2005
  • Best Chess Photograph: 1st Tony Cortizas, Jr.: Harold Dondis Cover Photo, October-December 2004
  • Best General Chess Article: 1st GM John Nunn: Proof Games, April-June 2005


  • Best Layout 1st Chess Horizons, October/December 2003. Mark Donlan, Editor
  • Best Regular Magazine Column HM "Chess in the Breakdown Lane" by Tim Hanke, Chess Horizons
  • Best Analysis, Endings 1st "The Beauty of the Endgame" by GM Susan Polgar and FM Paul Truong. Chess Horizons, April/June 2004
  • Best Instruction 1st "Understanding the Sacrifice" by IM Angus Dunnington. Chess Horizons, July-September 2003
  • Best Chess Photograph 1st (tie) Tony Cortizas, "John Curdo" Chess Horizons


  • Best State Chess Magazine-Open 1st Chess Horizons, Mark Donlan, editor. We also won the Cramer Award for Best State magazine
  • Best Layout 1st Chess Horizons, Mark C. Donlan, editor
  • Best Chess Promotion 1st (3-way tie) James DuBois, Chess Horizons, The Voice of
  • Best Historical Article 1st Mark C. Donlan, Chess Horizons, The Sicilian Saga
  • Best Analysis - Opening 1st Gary Lane, Chess Horizons, "Who Remembers the Cochrane Gambit?"
  • Best Analysis - Endings 1st Susan Polgar, Chess Horizons, "The Beauty of the Endgame"
  • Best Instruction 1st Randy Bauer, Chess Horizons, "The Value of Activity"


  • Most Improved Magazine: 1st Chess Horizons edited by Mark C. Donlan
  • Best Interview:1st Howard Goldowsky, "Michael de la Maza" Chess Horizons
  • Best Review: 1st (tie) Allan Bennett, "Terrifically Tarrasch" Chess Horizons
  • Best Analysis Opening: 1st Lev Alburt, "Discoveries in the Opening" Chess Horizons
  • Best Analysis Endings: 1st Edmar Mednis, "The Practical Endgame" Chess Horizons
  • Best Chess Photograph: 1st (tie) Tony Cortizas, "Re6" Chess Horizons (April-June 2002 Cover)
  • Best State Chess Magazine -Open: HM Chess Horizons ed. by Mark C. Donlan
  • Best Humorous Articlez: HM Nevin Grimsley, "Martial Chess" Chess Horizons
  • Best Analysis Other: HM Mark C. Donlan, "Databases: Using PGN…" Chess Horizons
  • Best Review: HM Mark C. Donlan, "Being a Chess Hero…" Chess Café (Internet Entry)


  • Best Chess Magazine (Open Division): Mark C. Donlan, Editor
  • Best Human Interest Story: Chess Parents, Moe van Dereck
  • Best Endings Analysis: The Practical Endgame, Edmar Mednis
  • Best Other Analysis: Tiger Chess, Mark C. Donlan
  • Best Instruction: 400 Points in 400 Days, Michael de la Maza
  • Best Humorous Article: HM How to Write a Chess Book and Make Loads of Dosh, Phil Crocker
  • Best Opening Analysis: HM The Philidor Explained, Allan Bennett
  • Best Cartoon: HM The Trojan Pawn, Moe van Dereck


  • Best State Magazine: Peter Sherwood
  • Best Chess Photograph: Tony Cortizas
  • Best Analysis, Other: Matt Bengston
  • Best Magazine Tournament Report: Peter Sherwood
  • Best Instruction: Allan Bennett
  • Best Review: Bill Kelleher
  • Best Humorous Contribution: Joe Whitehead
  • Best Layout: May-June 2000
  • Best Analysis, Endings: HM Jacob Rasin
  • Best Cartoon: HM G. Robinson
  • Best Interview: HM Peter Sherwood
  • Best Magazine Tournament Report: HM Peter Sherwood


  • Best Human Interest 1st 1999 Amateur Team East, Larry Eldridge, Chess Horizons Jan-May 1999
  • Best Interview 1st Larry Christiansen, Chess Horizons July-Aug 1998, Peter Sherwood


  • Best State Magazine (open division)
  • Best Layout (2/97 issue)
  • Best Historical Article, for Taylor Kingston's "Memorable Chess Masters: Janowski and Spielmann"
  • Best Editorial: "New Clock, New Rules", by Sean Smith
  • Best Regular Magazine Column: HM for "Games from the Massachusetts Open", by Matt Bengston
  • HM GM: Edmar Mednis' "Stalemate in Minor Piece Endings"


  • Best State Magazine (open division)
  • Best Humorous Contribution: "Life as a Nouveau Master", Frank Sisto's
  • Best Ending Analysis: "Kasparov-Karpov", GM Edmar Mednis'
  • Best Analysis (other): NM "Miracles in the Najdorf", Jacob Nemchenok's