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MACA Chess Horizons Book Review
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Chess Strategy for Club PlayersHerman GrootenMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended07/09
Botvinnik – Smyslov, Three World Chess Championship Matches: 1954, 1957, 1958Mikhail BotvinnikMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended07/09
White King and Red Queen: How the Cold War Was Fought on the ChessboardDaniel JohnsonMark DonlanBookModerately Recommended07/09
The FireKatherine NevilleMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
School of Future Champions 4: Secrets of Positional PlayMark Dvoretsky & Arthur YusupovMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended07/09
Blindfold Chess: History, Psychology, Techniques, Champions, World Records, and Important GamesEliot Hearst & John KnottMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
Kill K.I.D. Volume 1Semko SemkovMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
Chicago 1926, Lake Hopatcong 1926 Chess TournamentsRobert SherwoodMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
Chess: Lessons From a GrandmasterYury Shulman & Rishi SethiMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
Power Play 9: Major Pieces vs. Minor PiecesDaniel KingMark DonlanCD/DVDRecommended07/09
ChessBase Magazine 130Rainer Knaak, editor Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended07/09
ChessBase Magazine 129 Rainer Knaak, editor Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended07/09
Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 DaysGary LaneMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces (2nd ed.)Igor StohlMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended07/09
Chess Secrets: Great Attackers Colin CrouchMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
Chess Explained: The GrünfeldValentin BogdanovMark DonlanBookRecommended07/09
ABC of the Leningrad DutchAndrew Martin Mark DonlanCD/DVDRecommended07/09
Play the Queen’s IndianAndrew GreetLou MercuriBookHighly Recommended07/09
Chess Explained: The Main Line SlavDavid VigoritoLou MercuriBookHighly Recommended07/09
Gary’s Adventures In Chess CountryIgor SukhinKay SlaterBookHighly Recommended04/09
The Scotch GameNigel Davies Mark DonlanCD/DVDRecommended04/09
Attacking the King – for ExpertsRustam KasimdzhanovMark DonlanCD/DVDRecommended04/09
Power Play 8 - Knights and Bishops Mark DonlanCD/DVDRecommended04/09
Rybka 3 Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended04/09
The Black Lion: The Chess Predator’s Choice Against Both 1.e4 and 1.d4Leo Jansen & Jerry van RekomMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
Play 1.b3!Ilya OdesskyMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
Winning Chess MiddlegamesIvan SokolovMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended04/09
Kasparov: How His Predecessors Misled Him About ChessTibor Karolyi & Nick AplinMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
How to Play against 1 e4Neil McDonaldMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
Starting Out: d-pawn AttacksRichard PalliserMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
Opening for White According to Anand, Vol. 11Alexander KhalifmanMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended04/09
True Combat Chess: Winning Battles over the BoardTim TaylorMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
KARL International Magazine, 1/2008Harry Schaak, Editor Mark DonlanMagazineRecommended04/09
John Nunn’s Chess Puzzle BookJohn NunnMark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
Mastering the Chess Openings, Volume 3John WatsonMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended04/09
New York 1924Alexander Alekhine Mark DonlanBookRecommended04/09
The Greatest Ever Chess Tricks and TrapsGary LaneStacy AngleBookRecommended04/09
Dangerous Weapons: Flank OpeningsRichard Palliser, Tony Kosten, & James Vigus Lou MercuriBookHighly Recommended04/09
Fighting the Anti-King’s IndiansYelena DemboLou MercuriBookRecommended04/09
Play the Sicilian KanJohan HellstenLou MercuriBookHighly Recommended04/09
The Art of Learning, Chessmaster XI Grandmaster Edition Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended01/09
Roman’s Lab: Volumes 26, Nimzowitch’s “My System” Part 1Roman DzindzichashviliMark DonlanCD/DVDn/a01/09
Roman’s Lab: Volume 55, A Tribute to Bobby FischerRoman DzindzichashviliMark DonlanCD/DVDModerately Recommended01/09
Rybka 3 Aquarium Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended01/09
ChessBase Magazine 127 Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended01/09
ChessBase Magazine 126 Mark DonlanCD/DVDHighly Recommended01/09
Philosophy Looks at ChessEdited by Benjamin HaleMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
The Tao of the ChessboardDale SmithMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
My 60 Memorable GamesBobby FischerMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended07/09
The Genius and the Misery of ChessZhivko KaikamjzovMark DonlanBookModerately Recommended01/09
Starting Out: The c3 SicilianJohn EmmsMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
The Chess Instructor 2009Jeroen Bosch & Steve GiddinsMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended01/09
Secrets of Endgame TechniqueMark Dvoretsky & Artur YusupovMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended01/09
222 Opening Traps after 1.d4Karsten Muller & Rainer KnaakMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
Lasker’s Manual of ChessEmanuel LaskerMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
The International Chess Congress St. Petersburg 1909Emanuel LaskerMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
2009 International Chess Calendar Mark DonlanCalendarRecommended01/09
Adolf Albin in America: A European Chess Master’s Sojourn, 1893–1895Olimpiu G. UrcanMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
Chess Results, 1947–1950Gino Di FeliceMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
101 Chess Questions AnsweredSteve GiddinsMark DonlanBookRecommended01/09
How Chess Games are Won and LostLars Bo HansenMark DonlanBookHighly Recommended01/09
Magic, Black to Move and Win!Richard Moody, Jr.Lou MercuriBookNot Recommended01/09
Secrets of Opening Surprises, Volume 9Jeroen Bosch, EditorLou MercuriBookHighly Recommended01/09
How to Beat the French Defence: The Essential Guide to the TarraschAndreas TzermiadianosLou MercuriBookHighly Recommended01/09