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MACA Book Review
ChessBase Magazine 126 ChessBase Magazine 126

Format: CD/DVD
Publisher: ChessBase

Reviewed by: Chess Horizons Editor Mark Donlan
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

The main stories in this issue are the FIDE Grand Prix in Sochi, the Bilbao tournament, and the Tal Memorial. Highlights include video annotations by Aronian (against Grischuk) and Shirov (over Mamedyrov). Further videos are offered by Karsten Müller and Dorian Rogozenko, as well as in the columns Endgames, Tactics, Opening Traps, and Fritztrainer. This issue also sees the debut of Michael Adams as a contributor to CBM and Magnus Carlsen annotates his win against Pelletier from the Biel tournament.

Along with regular features such as Peter Wells’s Strategy and Daniel King’s columns, there are video samples from new DVDs by Nigel Davies and Lubomir Ftacnik, as well as more than a dozen opening surveys, including Marin on the English [A10] and Dutch Defense [A89], Karolyi on the Queen’s Indian [E15], Stohl on the Anti-Grünfeld [A16], Kritz on the Ruy Lopez [C67], Langrock on the French Defense [C03], and many more.

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