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MACA Book Review
KARL International Magazine, 1/2008 KARL International Magazine, 1/2008
by: Harry Schaak, Editor

Price: $9.95
Format: Magazine 66pp.
Publisher: Schaak

Reviewed by: Chess Horizons Editor Mark Donlan
Recommendation: Recommended

KARL, the German chess magazine dedicated to the cultural aspects of chess, has decided to go international. Each issue focuses on a main topic and strives to provide in-depth insights on it from various perspectives. This 66-page English pilot issue was prepared to coincide with the Dresden Olympiad and its focus is on the German Chess Olympiads.

Highlights are in-depth interviews with chess legend Wolfgang Uhlmann, GM Klaus Bischoff, and ten-time Olympiad participant Hajo Hecht. Additionally, information about the 2008 Dresden Olympiad is provided. There are also countless historic photos, but only eight games.
The contents are as follows:
Editorial (page 3)
Keeping Your Eyes Open in the Big Wide World (6)
Hamburg 1930
Landau versus Lundin (12)
An Unknown Game of the Olympiad
Propaganda on 64 Squares (14)
Munich 1936
From Munich to Dresden (24)
Wolfgang Uhlmann and the GDR Team
The GDR’S First Chess Shop (32)
An Interesting Study of East German Resourcefulness
A Cramped Affair (36)
GM Hajo Hecht about Siegen 1970
Tournament of Superlatives (44)
Everything worth Knowing about Dresden 2008
Preferably Ukraiine... (50)
The Project “School Partnerships”
Overwhelming Events (53)
GM Klaus Bischoff Reminisces about his Olympiads
Herculean Project (62)
The Website
Stamps and Postmarks of Chess Olympiads (64)
As noted by Editor Harry Schaack, “Chess has always been more than just a game. It is a multi-faceted world with cultural, political, personal, psychological, artistic, athletic, social, scientific and sometimes amusing aspects. … KARL is passionate about the aesthetic quality of the reading experience, ensuring an attractive layout, interesting photography and high gloss quality.”

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