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Chess for Early Educators
What is the Chess for Early Educators?

Beginning in 2017, MACA will offer schools interested in starting curricular chess programs for early education (K-3) with all the resources they need to do so as smoothly as possible without having to bring in dedicated chess teachers from outside the school. This is a grassroots initiative designed to organically lay a foundation for chess education in the commonwealth.

What Will MACA Provide?

MACA will connect schools to all the playing equipment and educational materials they need to make chess education a reality in their classrooms. Teachers will receive the official MACA Chess for Early Educators Guide, a text designed specifically for those with little to no prior chess experience or knowledge of the game, so that they can comfortably incorporate it into their classrooms through a twelve-week course that uses less than half an hour of class time each week.

Participants in the initiative will also receive access to an online forum and message board, where MACA directors and experienced chess coaches will provide support along their journey. On-site training will also be provided upon request.

MACA intends to fully sponsor the materials cost (support is always free) for 2017 Chess for Early Educators pilot programs.

Why Early Education?

By focusing on the commonwealth’s youngest students, this initiative optimizes the brain development aspect of chess learning – regardless of what heights they reach or if they end up playing in tournaments at all, and even if they may struggle with learning the game, the study will benefit these young children by challenging and enhancing spatial reasoning, calculating ability, and even verbal aptitude.

Furthermore, chess education at this level will not feature much in the way of advanced chess strategy or other higher concepts of gameplay, lessening the need for experienced coaches and thus lowering the barrier to entry for interested educators and administrators.

Take the First Step

MACA is an educational non-profit dedicated to promoting the game of chess at all levels. We are excited to hear your vision for how you might harness the power of chess as a tool for teachers, how we can help, and what questions you may have. All you have to do is hit Learn More below and fill out a bit of information about you and where you want to bring the early education initiative, and we will be in contact shortly to help connect you with the resources and support that you need to succeed.

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