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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Chess Club News: Billerica Chess Club, 2011 News
 Brad Ryan
  November 2011

4-Way Tie in March Swiss

The Billerica March 4-round Friday night Swiss wound up with a 4-way tie between Experts Art Nugent and Pat Sciacca and “A” players John Vaughan and Tim Bromley, all with 3-1 scores. “A” players Nate Smith and Ray Paulson tied for second, each with 2 ½ - 1 ½, only ½ point off the pace. Jeff Caruso was best under 2000, with a 2-2 result. Meyer Billmers and Paul Statem were best under 1750, with 2-2 scores. Eric Soli, back to the Club after an absence of several years, and Eric Heinecke tied for best under 1500, each with 1 ½ points. Welcome back Eric!!
David Kilgour was best under 1250, with a strong 2-2 score, based on wins over higher rated players in Rounds 2 and 3. Nate Smith directed the 19 player tournament.
Nugent and Sciacca Tie in April-May Swiss 
Experts Art Nugent and Pat Sciacca tied for first in the Billerica Chess Club April-May Friday night Swiss with 5-1 scores. The 6-round tournament, who many consider to be a warm-up for the 7-round May-June Club Championship, had a strong fi eld of 21 players, including 3 Experts and 5 “A” players. Quite appropriately, Sciacca and Nugent met in the 5th round and drew. “A” player Tim Bromley and “B” player Meyer Billmers tied for 2nd with solid 4-2 performances. John Vaughn and Jeff Caruso were best under 2000, posting 3-3 scores, while Paul Statin was best under 1750, also with a solid 3-3 result.
James Zhou, Eric Heinecke and Eric Soli tied for best under 1500 with 3-3 scores. Soli’s strong performance included an upset win over a very high rated “A” player in Round 2. Mo Lessard and Matthew Ding tied for best under 1250. Nate Smith directed.