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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Chess Club News: Blackstone Chess Club
 David Harris
  November 2011

In August, the Blackstone Chess Club enjoyed a visit from Grandmaster Timur Gareyev, winner of the fi rst Blackstone Chess Festival Open in 2008. Ten players accepted the challenge to play him in a simultaneous exhibition. Gareyev won all ten games.

Every summer (since 2008) we hold the Blackstone Chess Festival. This year’s festival featured a FIDE-rated tournament, Class Championship, Quads, and a Masters & Experts Blitz. Results of this year’s festival events:
Aug. 26-27: NM Farzad Abdi topped the fi eld at the Blackstone Chess Festival International, a FIDErated 4-round swiss. 10 players competed in this year’s Open, which was shortened due to predictions of severe weather. Abdi went undefeated, scoring 3.5/4. 2nd place went to William Smirnov, James Dickson, NM Stuart Finney, and NM Sinclair Banks, with 2.5/4. Time control was Game/90 with 30 second increment.
Aug. 27: Festival Saturday Quad: Howard Goldowsky, 3-0.
Special thanks to Ken Ballou for directing the hurricane weekend events!
Oct. 2: Festival Class Championship (rescheduled from Aug. 27 due to weather). Champions: Experts: James Dickson, Under 2000: Aidan Sowa/Ryan Sowa.
A variety of weekend activities take place at the club: Friday evening blitz and club night, Saturday blitz and rapid tournaments, and Sunday Quick Play for players Under 2000, Under 1500, and Novices (Under 1200/unrated).
Recent weekend open tournaments:
Nov. 13: NM Miro Reverby swept the 3 round Blackstone Anniversary Vamp. 2nd place went to Warren “Teddy” Mackenzie, Expert Neil Fachon, and Massachusetts NM Sinclair Banks,
Oct.29: GM Alexander Ivanov swept the 3-round October Octads. Expert James Della Selva,Teddy MacKenzie, and NM Sinclair Banks tied for 2nd place, each with 2 wins, and 1 loss (to GM Ivanov).
Oct. 16: Max Malyuta Memorial. This annual event has been held 3 times at the Blackstone Chess Center. It is organized and directed by Rhode Island Chess There were 25 players in this year’s event. Time control was Game/60 with 5 second delay. 1st: SM Denys Shmelov, 3.5/4, 2nd: SM Robert Perez, 3/4. Under 2000: Paul Gavlick, 2.5/4, Under 1600: Clarke Nichols, 3.5/4. Thanks to Frank Vogel for directing this tournament.
Winners of recent Blackstone Blitz tournaments: 9/30 Masters & Experts Blitz: SM Denys Shmelov, 9/24 September Blitz: GM Alexander Ivanov (5.5/6), 7/30 Summer Blitz: GM Timur Gareyev (7.5/8). 
Results from recent Sunday Quick Play: Nov. 6: 1st: MacKenzie 3-0, 2nd: James David Rush/Sarah Renshaw, 2/3. Oct. 23 1st: MacKenzie 2.5/3, 2nd: Gavlick, Aidan Sowa/Ryan Sowa 1.5/3. Sept. 25: 1st: MacKenzie/George Duval 2.5/3, U1500: Aidan Sowa/Ryan Sowa/ Lauren Smorgonsky. Sept 11: 1st: MacKenzie, U1500: Smorgonsky. Aug 21: Ross Eldridge/David Rush/Bowen Wang 2/3. Aug. 7: Cory Silva/Sean Cheng 2.5/3.