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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Chess Club News: Boylston Chess Club
 Richard “Doc” Kinne
  November 2011

On 11 January, 2012 the Boylston Chess Club held a supplemental election meeting since the then President Dr. Jason Rihel was resigning to take a post in Oxford, England. The BCC’s current officer slate is as follows:

President: FIDE Master Charles Riordan, Vice President: National Master Carey Theil, Treasurer: Robert Oresick, Clerk: Richard “Doc” Kinne
Directors: Bernardo Iglesias, Jason Rihel, Mike Griffi n, Ted Gorczyca, Nathan Smolensky, WCM Natasha Christiansen, Dan Schmidt
The Boylston Chess Club continues to run an active tournament schedule with events on both weekdays and weekends. It is continuing its very successful Grand Prix event. In 2012 there will be two such events for six months each. It is also looking to revamp a scholastic competition program along similar lines this year as well. Details can be found on their website at