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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Chess Club News: Yale Beats Harvard!
 Steve Frymer
  November 2011

Nov 18 - The Yale/Harvard Chess Match closed tonight with Yale winning a close victory with 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. GM Robert Hess (2717, ES ‘15) and IM Bogdan Vioreanu (2453, GSAS ‘12) handily won on boards 1 and 2 versus Jake Miller (2121) and Bram Louis (2208P). Patrick O’Keefe (2140, CC ‘13) and Adam Weser (2147, SY ‘13) secured draws against Josh Bakker (2151) and Naor Brown (2023) in tough games. Gordon Moseley (1840, SM ‘12), the wildcard of the Yale College Chess Club, who brought wins to Yale in years when no one else could do so, lost in a tragic and unclear endgame (KQN a-pawn, c-pawn vs. KQ a-pawn, g-pawn, h-pawn) after his knight proved unable to stop the passed g and h pawns after a queen trade. Both players had under one minute, and both played well--kudos to Tony Blum (2099), the only Harvard player to secure a win. Both Bogdan and Gordon also get honorable mentions, as this is their last year playing at Yale. Both of them have played hard matches the last four years, and both leave with great results--3/4 for Bogdan and 2/4 for Gordon. Bogdan plans to graduate with a PhD from the applied math department and Gordon with a bachelor’s degree in the neuroscience track of psychology.