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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 MACA Gains Its 2013-2014 Board!
 Richard “Doc” Kinne
  July 2013
On May 27th at the 82nd Mass Open held in Marlboro, MA, a new Board of Directors were elected and installed. Here are the details.
George M. Mirijanian of Fitchburg 89 votes
Steven J. Frymer of Lexington 85 votes
Richard C. “Doc” Kinne of Somerville 85 votes
Walter A. Driscoll III of Cambridge 80 votes
Marc Turgeon of Plymouth 71 votes
Stephen A. Dann of Worcester 66 votes
Robert E. King of Plymouth 54 votes
Kenneth P. Belt of Concord 52 votes
Clerk: Nicholas Sterling of Needham 95 votes
Treasurer: Bob Messenger of Nashua, NH 103 votes
Vice President: John Sadoff of Somerville 59 votes
President: Nathan Smolensky of Brookline 73 votes
This election was one of the most exciting in recent history since the offices of President and Vice President were heavily contested. In its June Board Meeting Committee Chairs and Coordinators were selected. The following are the MACA Committees as they are currently set up.
Budget Committee: Chair Bob Messenger, Steve Frymer.
Tournament Committee: Chair Bob Messenger, George Mirijanian.
Scholastic Committee: Chair Steve Frymer.
Education Committee: Chair Nicholas Sterling, Stephen Dann, John Sadoff.
Bylaws Committee: Chair Richard “Doc” Kinne, Bob Messenger, Ken Belt.
The Publications Committee was disbanded now that Chess Horizons has an Editor.
The following Coordinators were also selected:
Membership Secretary: Bob Messenger.
Budget Committee Chair: Bob Messenger.
Prison Chess Coordinator: Steve Frymer.
Web Coordinator: Nicholas Sterling.
Education Committee Chair: Nicholas Sterling.
LMCF Coordinator: Steve Frymer.
Scholastic Committee Coordinator: Steve Frymer.
Club Coordinator: Robert King
Parliamentarian: Richard “Doc” Kinne
Assistant Clerk: Richard “Doc” Kinne
Bylaw Committee: Richard “Doc” Kinne
Promotion Coordinator: Nathan Smolensky
Volunteer Coordinator: Stephen Dann
Fund Raising Coordinator: George Mirijanian
The Chess Horizons Editorial Board offers its congratulations and best wishes to the MACA Board of Directors winners and looks forward to an exciting and productive year.