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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Chess Club News: Boylston Chess Club
 Richard “Doc” Kinne
  July 2013
Joel Wald and Brandon Wu each scored 3 points in the Boylston Chess Club’s Weaver Adams tournament to gain first place, and a seed in the 2013 Reubens Landey club championship qualifier. Wu’s victory gained him over 70 rating points.
The BCC Grand Prix participants continue to gain points in the event. June’s Grand Prix Open Section was won by Nithin Kavi with 3 points. Kavi’s rating rose over 50 points to 1954 in this event. Daniel Wang scored 3.5 points for 1st place in the Under 1800 section of the same event with his rating gaining over 100 points.
One of our most exciting pieces of news is that member Carissa Yip has been declared the youngest female Expert in the United States Chess Federation! Congratulations Carissa! We look forward to you climbing more mountains!
Meanwhile the Boylston Chess Club’s sponsored monthly Simul in South Station with Grandmaster Larry Christiansen continues to go great guns. It continues to draw folks to play the 3-time US Champion under the great sign in South Station Terminal, and Larry continues to have sweep after sweep in terms of wins. By the time you read these words, BCC should have had its famous annual picnic as well. Started a few years ago, this popular club membership and family activity includes food and chess.