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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Book Reviews - San Remo 1930
 Arthur Nugent
  April 2014

San Remo 1930: International Chess Tournament 

Robert Sherwood 

Caissa Editions, ©2013, HC, 220 pgs. $42.95 
There are really only two chess publishing companies that consistently turn out quality hard cover books: McFarlands, and Caissa Editions (Dale Brandreth).You do get your money's worth with them! San Remo 1930: International Chess Tournament contains, "Most perfect chess by Alekhine!" according to Max Euwe. Nimzowitsch remarked, "Alekhine wins his games with great ease!" Alexander Alekhine won the San Remo 1930 tournament with a score of 14 out of 15, including 2 draws for a winning score of 93.3%! 
Author Robert Sherwood conducted the analysis of the games with the help of three top notch search engines: Komodo 5, Critter 1.6a, and Houdini 3. The other analyses are by the players themselves. In the introduction written by Tartakower, he mentions that a feud by some journalists was started when they felt Alekhine was obligated to play Capablanca a rematch for the World Championship Alekhine had won three years before. Alekhine did ask for an increase in his appearance fee in tournaments where Capablanca played. As a consequence, Capablanca didn't play in San Remo 1930. The other major missing participant was Emmanuel Lasker. 
Before each round there are capsule comments about the critical moments of each game similar to the 1924 New York tournament book by Alekhine which are a nice touch. The diagrams are clear and numerous; 2-4 per page! This is the only book in English that is so thoroughly informative and instructive on such an important tournament. There is much to learn and enjoy! I wish there were more photos of the event - perhaps none were taken. Just one from the tournament is shown, and a photo of Alekhine that I've never seen before. 
All tournament books should be like this one! 
Chess Horizons thanks Mr. Nugent for this fine contribution. If you have any books or chess products you would like to review for a coming issue, please email the editor at Ideas are welcome!