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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Vigorito on Chess
 IM Dave Vigorito
  August 2014

I had not played in a “real” tournament since April of last year. Ok, there are a lot of little local events where I can play King Ivanov over and over, and there’s the Amateur Team tournament in NJ, but I had not played in a normal large Swiss in quite a while. In June I hit the road and played in two events in three weeks – the National Open in my home away from home, Las Vegas, and the D.C. International in Alexandria, VA. Both tournaments were a lot of fun and now it is time for some reflection…

IM David Vigorito (2508) - Richard Beale (2282) 1-0
National Open Las Vegas (2)

IM David Vigorito (2508) - Hayk Manvelyan (2342) 1-0
National Open Las Vegas (4)

GM Lazaro Bruzon Batista (2744) - IM David Vigorito (2508) 1-0
National Open Las Vegas (5)

This game was played on my birthday. I believe Bruzon was the highest rated player I had ever faced (2744 USCF and 2694 FIDE). I do not recall ever losing on my birthday, but Black against a near-2700 FIDE was a little too much for me this year.


After some thought I had to resign. I really did not mind losing this game so much. It was nice to play such a strong player and I realized that I could hang with him a bit. He is tremendously strong, but human after all. A couple of weeks later, I played him again!


D. Vigorito – L. Bruzon Batista ½–½
DC International, Alexandria, VA (8)