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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Promoting to Queen
 NM Chris Williams
  June 2015
On February 21st, the Boylston Chess Club held a Saturday G/60 Swiss tournament, as it so often does, and a bevy of strong players showed up to vie for top prizes. Among them was starlet Carissa Yip, rated 2150. After entering in the 2nd round, the little juggernaut proceeded to take wins over a strong A player and a strong expert, sealing her spot in a showdown with NM Chris Williams, a regular force at Boylston events. Her triumph in that final round would seal not only a share of first in the tournament but, when combined with points already in the pipeline from ongoing month-long events, her very first, historic, taste of 2200. That pivotal game is presented here, magnanimously annotated by her opponent. 
NM Chris Williams (2309)
Carissa Yip (2150)
BCF Legends of Chess: Oscar Panno
Sicilian – Dragon [B70]