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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 MACA Update
 Bob Messenger
  October 2010

Two members of the MACA Executive Board resigned over Labor Day weekend: Vice President Maryanne Reilly, who was also the chairperson of MACA's Scholastic Committee, and director Brian Lafferty, who was the chairman of the Fundraising Committee. At its September meeting the board voted to thank Maryanne for her years of service to MACA. These resignations bring the number of board members who have resigned this year to four, since directors Robert and Margaret King resigned at the June meeting.

As MACA President Ken Ballou said in his letter above, there are eight vacancies on the Executive Board. We are also still looking for a Chess Horizons Editor and an Advertising Manager; these are paid positions. At its meeting on October 24th the Executive Board will choose three Delegates to represent Massachusetts at the U.S. Chess Federation's Annual Delegates' Meeting in August 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Anyone interested in filling any of those positions should contact a MACA officer.

Congratulations to George Mirijanian for being named the USCF's Volunteer of the Month in the October issue of Chess Life. George is a former MACA President who has worked to promote chess in Massachusetts for many years.

Congratulations also to GM Alexander Ivanov for winning the U.S. Senior Open, and to Chuck Cullen, who lives in Scituate, for winning the 2004 Golden Knights U.S. postal championship, which finished this year.