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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 MACA Election Commission Report – 2011
 Ken Belt, Election Chair
  April 2011

There was a total of 108 ballots counted for this election. Only two ballots were returned with addressee unknown, and both were reported promptly to Bob Messenger. Of the ballots that were submitted, many had various voting blocks left blank, so just the votes that were cast on those ballots were counted, and the blanks were not tallied. This accounts for the difference of totals among candidates and Bylaw Ratifications. On just one ballot, nine Directors were marked, so according to MACA rules, this ballot was not tallied only for its votes for Directors.

Additionally, the new MACA Bylaws specify that a candidate must receive ten votes, and for all write-ins, none received the required ten votes, so I believe that means they are not part of the official results, or can be grouped as ‘Other,’ but I have included the write-ins as informational.
Finally, although Nicholas Sterling received a qualifying number of votes for Director, since he has been elected as Clerk, he forgoes his result for Director, and it is listed just as information.
Nita Patel of the Election Commission can confirm the accuracy of the election results and that the counting was conducted properly. Steve Dann will represent the Election Commission at the State Meeting, and I assume, will present the election results to the MACA Board. My gratitude goes to my two co-commission members for their valuable assistance with the 2011 MACA elections.
Victorious candidates are highlighted below in bold. My congratulations go to all the candidates. Thank you for your participation with MACA. My wishes to you all for successful terms in office.
President:         George Mirijanian 96 votes 
(Write-Ins: Ken Ballou, John Elmore, Maryanne Reilly - 1 vote each)
Vice President:  Steven Frymer 97 votes
    (Write-Ins: Bill Kelleher – 1 vote)
Treasurer:        Bob Messenger  104 votes
 (Write-Ins: Brian Mottershead – 1 vote)
Clerk:                Nicholas Sterling 93 votes
(Write-Ins: Steve Dann, Beebe Wiegand – 1 vote each)
Director:          Larry Eldridge 81 votes
Steve Dann 74 votes
Walter Driscoll 74 votes
Ken Belt  73 votes
Robby King 63 votes
Dan Sullivan  62 votes
(Nicholas Sterling        58 votes)
Brian Mottershead 55 votes
Peter Majahad  49 votes
(Write-Ins: Donna Alarie, Margaret King – 2 votes each. Bruce Denis, Steve Frymer, Brian Lafferty, Peter Sherwood, Joe Sparks – 1 vote each)
All eight Bylaw Ratifications passed:
Bylaw Ratification #1              89-10
Bylaw Ratification #2              86-13
Bylaw Ratification #3              92-6
Bylaw Ratification #4              90-7
Bylaw Ratification #5              81-16
Bylaw Ratification #6              86-11
Bylaw Ratification #7              92-5
Bylaw Ratification #8              86-8