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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 IM Igor Foygel wins 71st New England Open
 George Mirijanian
  July 2011

International master Igor Foygel is the new New England Open champion. The 64-year-old IM from Brookline, Mass. notched five wins and a half-point bye to claim first place in the 21-player Open section of the 71st New England Open, held Sept. 3-5 at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Leominster, Mass. Capturing second place with a 5-1 score was 16-year-old national master Andrew Wang of Cambridge, Mass., whose only loss was to Foygel in the penultimate round as follows: 

IM Igor Foygel (2514)
NM Andrew Wang (2237)
[E62] King's Indian Defense
Fianchetto System
71st N.E. Open (5), 05.09.2011
(Notes by Foygel & G. Mirijanian)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nf3 Bg7 4. g3 0-0 5. Bg2 d6 6. 0-0 Nc6 7. Nc3 Bf5
This move characterizes the socalled "Lesser Simagin Variation," also known as the Spassky Variation, as was seen in Donner-Spassky, Goteborg 1955. Black's other possibilities were 7...Bg4 (Simagin Variation), as was played in Foygel-Tylevich, 66th Mass. Open, Marlborough 1997; 7...e5 (Uhlmann or Szabo Variation), and 7...a6 (Panno Variation), as was seen in Foygel-Chase in the final round of this year's New England Open. After 7...Bf5, this position was identical to Foygel vs. Frank Wang, Andrew's father, which was played in round 2 of the tournament.
8. d5 Na5 9. Nd2 c5 10. e4 Bg4?!
This move is questionable. Better was 10...Bd7.
11. Qc2 a6
Better was either 11...Qd7 or 11...Qc8 with the idea of 12...Bh3.
12. b3 b5 13. Bb2
Bad was 13. cxb5 axb5 14. Nxb5?? because of 14...Be2.
13...bxc4 14. bxc4 Bh6
This move works better if the light-squared bishop had been on d7.
15. f4 Bd7
15...e6?? was impossible because of 16. h3.
16. Nd1
Also possible was
16. Rae1 16...Rb8 17. Bc3
After this move, Black's "knight on the rim is dim" proves to be evident.
17...e6 18. e5! dxe5 19. fxe5 Ng4 20. Qe4 exd5 
If 20...f5, then 21. exf6 Nxf6 22. Qe5 Bg7 23. dxe6 maintains White's superior position.
21. cxd5 Bf5
22. Rxf5! gxf5 23. Qxf5 Ne3 24. Nxe3 Bxe3+ 25. Kh1 f6 26. Ne4 1-0
Tying for third place with 3.5-2.5 results were FIDE master Christopher Chase of Somerville, national masters Lawyer Times of Hyde Park and Libardo Rueda of Winthrop. Also scoring 3.5-2.5 and tying for third and sharing the Under 2200 prizes were experts Grant Xu of Shrewsbury, David Harris of Providence, R.I., and Andrew Liu of Westborough, as well as Class A contestants Tian Rossi of West Newton and Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer of Phoenix, Ariz.
Thomas DeMartino of Dorchester won first place in the 25-player Under 2000 section with a score of 5.5-0.5 Michelle Chen of Concord was second with a 4.5-1.5 tally. Tying for third place with 4-2 results were Tim Bromley of Billerica, Siddharth Arun of Medfield, Howard Goldowsky of Canton and Mateos Sahakian of Medford.
Andy Li of Acton tallied 5-1 to finish first in the 24-player Under 1750 section. Tying for 2nd-3rd place with scores of 4.5-1.5 were Brian Smith of Connecticut and Thomas Sifter of Quincy.
The 18-player Under 1500 section saw a tie for 1st-2nd place between O'Young of New Hamsphire and Sean Blaisdell of Revere. Both scored 4.5-1.5. Tying for third with 4-2 tallies were Anton Barash of Brighton and Robert E. King of Plymouth. Also scoring 4-2 and tying for third and sharing the top Under 1350 prizes were Robert Walton Jr. and Pooja Welling, both of New Hamsphire.
Prize Winners
1st: NM Lawyer Times of Hyde Park, 9.5-0.5
2nd: Farzad Abdi of Rockland, 8-2
1st U2000: Agustin Garcia of Framingham, 6-4
1st U2000: Soren AletheiaZomlefer of AZ, 6-4
1st: Eddie Wang of Acton, 4-0
2nd: Raghav Srinivasan of Quincy, 2.5-1.5
3rd: Jason Liang of Worcester, 1.5-2.5
1st U600: Eddie Yi Ming Wei of Winchester, 3-1
2nd U600: Nikita RoldanLevchenko of Allston, 1.3
K-6 Under 1400 SECTION
1st: Alan Sikarov of Newton, 4-0
2nd: Eric Feng of Sudbury, 2.5-1.5
3rd: Sandeep Shankar of Sudbury, 2.5-1.5
Medal winner: Alon Trogan of Needham, 2.5-1.5
Medal winner: Gershon Gilman of Newton, 2.5-1.5
1st: Tyler Saklad of Sudbury, 3-1
2nd: Jason Liang of Worcester, 3-1
3rd: Alexander Bao of Milton, 3-1
Medal winner: Luke Randolph of Jamaica Plain, 3-1
Medal winner: Nikita RoldanLevchenko of Allston, 3-1
1st: Jesse Sun of Sudbury, 3-1
2nd: Peter Teodroescu of Marlborough, 3-1
3rd: Shuvom Sadhuka of Acton, 2.5-1.5
1st: Daniel Shih of Acton, 4-0
2nd: Ricky Wang of Acton, 2.5-1.5
3rd: James Cassidy of Westwood, 2.5-1.5
The 71st New England Open had announced a $3000 prize fund based on 100 fully paid entries. The number of entries in the three-day main event was 86. Three entries were free, three were counted as half entries (for players rated under 1000), so that 80 full entries or 81.5% of the prizes were paid and was rounded up to a total of $2,485. USCF senior TD Bob Messenger of Nashua, N.H. was the chief tournament director, assisted by national TD George Mirijanian of Fitchburg, Mass.