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MACA 2014 Spiegel Cup State Scholastic Championships
Spiegel Cup / State Singles Championship Invitation

Note: This is the official invitation list for the Championship. The invitations are issued to the winners of the four qualifiers and then to the top *five players in each section on the basis of the official February 2014 USCF Rating Supplement. The final spot may go to the Spiegel Cup Series (SCS) Winner.

For tournament related questions please contact Steve Frymer. If you have problem registering, please e-mail MACA Webmaster Tiffany Wang.

As of: Feb. 08, 2013

    Age 8 & Under Section:

    Achyuta Rajaram 1292 (Q1 winner)
    Nicholas Belous 907 (Q2 winner)
    Derek Zhao 1115 (Q3 winner)
    David Zhou 1135 (Q4 winner)

    Derek Jin 1390
    Dustin Liang 1215
    Bernie Xu 1104
    Arnon Kuzmin 1033 [SCS]
    David Xie 904
    John Archibald 863

    Age 11 & Under Section:

    Max Zhao 1699 (Q1 winner)
    Michael Yu 1618 (Q2 winner)
    Eric Feng 1776 (Q3 winner)
    Andrew The 1410 (Q4 winner)

    Brandon Wu 1828
    Alex Yu 1765
    Suraj Ramanathan 1671
    Eddie Yi Ming Wei 1640
    Lucy Cai 1629
    Danila Poliannikov 1424 [SCS]

    Age 14 & Under Section:

    Evan Meyer 2079 (Q1 winner)
    Henry Liu 1786 (Q2 winner)
    Jason Tang 1899 (Q3 winner)
    Alvin Tan 1880 (Q4 winner)

    Nithin Kavi 2043
    Conway Xu 2027
    Danny Angermeier 2013
    Carissa Yip 1991
    Allen Wang 1821
    Anton Barash 1619 [SCS]

    High School Section:

    The Massachusetts High School championship will be open to all players in grades 9-12, and will not be an invitational.

    Click here to register for the tournament.