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MACA Chess FAQs:
Where can I find chess camp for my children?

You can find chess camps on our Chess Camps and Classes page.

Where can I find chess coaches for my children/school?

Please visit our Local Chess Coaches Page for coaches in the area and around the nation.

How can I get free chess equipment for my school/organization?

Please visit The Living Memorial Chess Foundation (LMCF) page to find out the details.

How do I get my child introduced to tournament chess in a non-pressure way?

The best way is to look at our tournament listing and contact the tournament organizers and ask him/her if it is an appropriate event for your child's age/level. The scholastic tournaments are listed with Yellow Green background on the event date column. Feel free to contact Director of Promotion Oleg Poliannikov with any questions or concerns. He will be happy to chat with you and help set you on a right path.

How do I start or how do I run a chess club at my child's school?

Read USCF's Scholastic Chess FAQ page first. You can also contact our Scholastic Committee for help.

Where can I find more information about Scholastic Chess?

You can find more information by visiting MACA Scholastic page or USCF Scholastics page.