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MACA Chess News
01/24/2016Prize winners at the Winter Team Challenge

Prize winners at the Winter Team Challenge, held January 24th in Boxborough, Mass.

Grades K-12 Section

1st Newton North Tiger A (Alex Fauman, Charlie Fauman, David McCabe, Max Bennett) 4-0
2nd-3rd Phillips Exeter Academy (Hunter Rockley, Elias Issa, Patrick Dickinson, Michael Donnelly),
    Newton North Tiger B (Kaifan Wang, Gershon Gilman, Yiyang Zhi, Steven Kann) 2.5-1.5

Medals: William Wang (Nobles A), Jeremy Johnson (Nobles B)

Grades K-6 Section

1st Rook and Roll (Vineeth Nareddy, Meghana Kancharla, Arjun Girish, Venkatraman Varatharajan) 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Concord-Carlisle B (Daniel Erlich-Herzog, Alexander Erlich-Herzog, Lucas Kamon, Henry Booth),
    F4 (Kevin Li, Andrew Su, Eric Feng, Eric Li) 3-1

Medals: David Katsman (Knights of Chessland), Kevin Liu (Chess Mates), Benjamin Zilber (Knights of Chessland),
    Danish Usmani (Concord-Carlisle C), Duncan Naylor (Cabot A), Curtis Ying (The Big Shots), Edward Li (ACLS Lions)

Grades K-3 Section

1st Steve's Team (Jonathan Lobo, Jonathan Traub, Alexander Meng, Kelsey Liu) 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Dragon Striker 113 (Jack McAuliffe, Manas Kontham, Irith Midha, Ethan Lubomirsky),
    ACLS Tigers (Eric Miller, Jeffrey Xu, William Hua, Jesse Dahlberg) 2.5-1.5

Medals: Adithya Sharma (Four Knights and a Queen), Vedant Vohra (Perls of Wisdom)

Tied teams are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger and Steve Frymer. Nita Patel helped during registration.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

01/23/2016Final Advance Entries for the Winter Team Challenge

Advance Entries for the Winter Team Challenge (as of 1/23/16 3:02PM): .

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

01/18/2016Call for nominations for 2016 MACA election

Call for nominations for 2016 MACA election
The Massachusetts Chess Association is now accepting nominations for the annual election of its 12-member board, to serve from June 2016 to June 2017. Members may stand for election for one of its 4 officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Clerk) or 8 directors. The submission deadline for nominations is February 15, 2016. In order to be eligible to run, memberships must be valid through the end of the upcoming term (June 2017). 
For more information, please review MACA's bylaws (
Please e-mail nominations and questions to

Submitted by Jeff Caruso, Chair of the MACA Elections Commission

Nicholas Sterling
MACA Web Coordinator

01/3/2016Prize winners, Gus Gosselin Grade Championship

Prize winners at the Gus Gosselin Grade Championship, held January 3rd at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Mass.

Grades 8-12*

1st Siddharth Arun 4-0
2nd-3rd Anton Barash, Gershon Gilman 3-1
Top 9th Grade Alon Trogan 2-2
Top 8th Grade Kevin Chen 2-2

(Anton Barash is in 9th grade but finished 2nd overall.)

Grade 7*

1st Michael Mi 3-1
2nd Amrit Subramanian 2-2
3rd Sei Young Jang 1-3

* Grades 7-12 were combined into a single section with separate prizes.

Grade 6

1st Maxwell Zhao 4-0
2nd-3rd Carah Su, Arjun Girish 2.5-1.5

Grade 5

1st Benjamin Zilber 4-0
2nd-3rd Brian Yu, Eric Gu 2.5-1.5

Grade 4

1st Lewis Tu 4-0
2nd-3rd Krishna Mutnuri, Rafael Pashkov 3-1

Grade 3

1st Nang Dang 4-0
2nd Winston Zhao 3-1
3rd-4th Tianna Wang, David Katsman 2-2

Grade 2

1st Henry He 4-0
2nd-3rd Victor Feng, Ethan Lubomirsky 3-1

Grades K-1

1st Ryan Wang 4-0
2nd-3rd Lawrence Tu, Alexander Meng 3-1
Top Kindergarten NangK Dang 2-2

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

01/2/2016Adv. Entries for 2016 Gus Gosselin / Massachusetts Grade Championship

Adv. Entries (as of 1/2/16 2:42 PM) for 2016 Gus Gosselin / Massachusetts Grade Championship: 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster