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02/16/2017Fourth Spiegel Cup Qualifier: March 5, 2017

The Fourth Spiegel Cup scholastic qualifier will be held Sunday, March 5th at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marloborough.  There are qualifier sections for Age 14 & Under, Age 11 & Under, and Age 8 & Under, and booster sections for players rated Under 1200, Under 800 and Under 400. 

We suggest that players rated under 1200, or under 600 for age 8 & under, play in booster sections. However, all players are allowed to play in qualifier sections for their age group or older. Only players in qualifier sections can win invitations to the Spiegel Cup finals or earn Spiegel Cup Series (SCS) points. Qualifier sections are restricted to Massachusetts residents and students while the booster sections are open to players from all states. The winner of each of the qualifier sections will be invited to play in the Spiegel Cup finals on March 19, 2017.

The advance entry fee is $20 for the qualifier sections and $15 for the booster sections, with a special $5 entry fee for players in the booster sections playing in their first USCF-rated tournament. 

Click here to register for the 4th Spiegel Cup Qualifier.



Edward Chiu
MACA Promotions Committee Chair

01/23/2017MACA Election - Call for Nominations

The Massachusetts Chess Association is now accepting nominations for the annual election of its 12-member board, to serve from June 2017 to June 2018. Members may stand for election for one of its 4 officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Clerk) or 8 Director positions. The submission deadline for nominations is February 15, 2017. In order to be eligible to run, MACA memberships must be valid through the end of the upcoming term (June 2018). 
For more information, please review MACA's bylaws.
Please e-mail nominations and questions to Jeff Caruso. 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

01/22/2017Prize winners at the Winter Team Challenge

Prize winners at the Winter Team Challenge, held January 22nd in Boxborough, Mass.

Grades K-12 Section:

1st Newton South A (Alan Sikarov, Yifan Xu, Nicholas Komarovsky, Samuel Burnham) 4-0
2nd-3rd Patriots (Vineeth Nareddy, Vital Ranganath, Adithya Sharma, Anirudh Gopalan),
    Elementals (Concord-Carlisle Chess Club) (Alexander Erlich-Herzog, Lucas Kamon,
        Henry Booth, Daniel Erlich-Herzog) 3-1

Medals: Alex Fauman (Newton North A), Amy Lei (Amazing Four), Kaifan Wang (Newton North B) 4-0
    Patrick Zhang (Lexington H.S.), Jonathan Hsu (Lexington H.S.), Krishna Mutnuri (Rook and Roll),
    Joshua Bornstein (Newton South B) 3-1

Grades K-6 Section:

1st ChessMinds (Kelsey Liu, Sophia Rosenholtz, Sai Yerra, Saanvi Tiruveedhula) 4-0
2nd Day Dragons (Ben Fauman, Duncan Naylor, Desmond FitzGerald-Lara, Luca Guzza) 3-1
3rd-4th Chess Royale (Rohil Saxena, Advay Goel, Prakul Saxena, Curtis Ying),
    Bowen Bishops (Aaron Lu, Isaac Gordon, Eyal Zeldich, Jared Mi) 2.5-1.5

Medals: Isabella Lai (Knightmares of the Square Table), Alexander Shih (Andover Chess Club B),
    Ryan Greenwood (Andover Chess Club A), Advaith Rajesh (Bay State Chess Kings) 3-1

Grades K-3 Section:

1st Rook and Roll (Dylan Jiang, Riya Kanury, Ansh Yadawad, Suhavi Tiruveedhula) 4-0
2nd Andover Chess Club A (Bryan Henroid, Tristan Pritchard, Edmund Pritchard, Hari Palaniyappan) 3-1
3rd Conant Challengers (Manas Kontham, Jonathan Lobo, Srikrishna Nuvvula, Chirag Katragadda) 2.5-1.5

Medals: Eric Zhang (Tigers), Jeffrey Yin (Dragons) 3-1

Tied teams are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Chris Bird and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

01/21/20172017 Winter Team Adv. Entry

2017 Winter Team Adv. Entry: 

Final Update: as of 01/21/17 08:06 PM

First Update: as of 01/20/17 03:35 PM

First Post: as of 01/19/17 08:12 PM


Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

01/15/2017Prize winners at the Gus Gosselin Grade Championship

Prize winners at the Gus Gosselin Grade Championship, held January 15th in Boxboro, Mass.

Grades 8-12 Section:

1st-3rd Alex Fauman, Michael Isakov, Gershon Gilman 3-1
Top 9th Grade Bharath Heggadahalli, Vishnu Ranganath, Shoumik Sompally 2.5-1.5
Top 8th Grade Sravan Mandepudi 2.5-1.5

Grade 7 Section:

1st Arjun Girish 3.5-0.5
2nd Vittal Ranganath 3-1
3rd Vineeth Nareddy 2.5-1.5

Grade 6 Section:

1st Benjamin Fauman 3.5-0.5
2nd Anirudh Gopalan 3-1
3rd Arnon Kuzmin 2.5-1.5

Grade 5 Section:

1st Jack Tompros 4-0
2nd Holden Chalfant 3-1
3rd Pritam Sompally 2.5-1.5

Grade 4 Section:

1st Adithya Sharma 4-0
2nd-6th Ryon Das, Jacob Snell, Ryan Xia, Ani Perl, Joseph Mussalli 2-2

Grade 3 Section:

1st Jeffrey Liu 4-0
2nd Y Owen Ji 3-1
3rd-6th Brandon Ni, Raeann Zhou, Luca Conigliaro, Connor Grieg 2-2

Grade 2 Section:

1st Jonathan Traub 3.5-0.5
2nd Isabella Lai 3-1
3rd Riya Kanury 2.5-1.5

Grades K-1 Section:

1st Eric Chang 4-0
2nd-3rd Maya Figelman, Kurt Amber 3-1
Top Kindergarten Risha Vishwashankar 2-2

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Andrew Hoy, Bob Messenger, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
MACA Board Member

01/14/2017Adv. Entry for 2017 Gus Gosselin / Mass Grade Championship

Updated: 01/14/17 09:47 AM (should be final)

Updated: 01/13/17 03:42 PM

First post: 01/12/17 09:26 PM

Adv. Entry for 2017 Gus Gosselin / Massachusetts Grade Championship 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

01/8/2017Election Registration

This is the third year that MACA is offering online voting for the annual election. Those who choose to vote online will receive a survey link several weeks prior to the Massachusetts Open in May. Those who would prefer a paper ballot are still able to request one. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR BOTH VOTING OPTIONS. 
If you registered to vote in prior years, you do not need to register again unless your address has changed. New members who joined MACA after March 2016 will need to register to vote in this year's election.  
Members can register for an online or paper ballot (not both) as follows:
TO REGISTER FOR AN ONLINE BALLOT: Email with full name and unique email address by February 28, 2017.
TO REGISTER FOR A PAPER BALLOT: send a letter to Bob Messenger at 4 Hamlett Dr. #12, Nashua, NH 03062, postmarked no later than February 23. You can send an email to to check on your registration status.

To vote, MACA membership must be valid as of February 28, 2017. For frequently asked questions, such as registering junior members, and any other concerns, please go to


Jeff Caruso, Chair of the Elections Commission


Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster