MACA: The Massachusetts Chess Association
Sunday, October 1, 2023 12:18:26 AM
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DateOrganizerEvent Name
Sun, 10/01/23 BilliardsCafeCC - , MA 
Sun, 10/01/23 BilliardsCafeCC - , MA 
Sun, 10/01/23 NESSP - Groton, MA 
Sun, 10/01/23 MacaScholastics - Westford, MA  Online Registration with PayPal Enabled
Sun, 10/01/23 WachusettCC - Fitchburg, MA 
Sun, 10/01/23 BCC - Boston, MA 
Mon, 10/02/23 OceanStateChess - Warwick, RI 
Tue, 10/03/23 BCC - Boston, MA 
Wed, 10/04/23 WachusettCC - Fitchburg, MA 
Wed, 10/04/23 MCC - Framingham, MA 
Wed, 10/04/23 PlainvilleCC - Plainville, MA 
Wed, 10/04/23 OceanStateChess - Pawtucket, RI 
Thu, 10/05/23 WCC - Waltham, MA 

Frequently Asked Questions - Scholastic

Frequently Asked Questions - Beginner


You need to be sure your memberships are current. Then, you need to choose a section of the tournament to enter. You may register for the tournament in advance, or you may arrive early the day of the tournament and register. We strongly recommend entering in advance. You'll save some money, and you'll avoid waiting in line early in the morning.

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